My name is Gary,

My first car model was Matchbox Nissan 300ZX which I got in the plain on our way to Israel. Since then I’m collecting car models, from the vary scales.

In the beginning it was the small Matchbox/Majorette car models, but they were like toys for me. When I grew up a little, I started to collect 1/43 Bburago cars. Till these days, if I see a Bburago car, which is not included in my collection, I’m buying it.

After a couple of years when my collection grew up to 100 models of Matchbox, Majorette, Bburago, I decided to start collecting Bburago kits of 1/24 and 1/18 scales. The problem with Bburago kits is that they are ready after 1 hour. I wanted more! One day my dad bought me an Italery Porsche 911, well I put it together after 2-3 days, but it was ugly, glue everywhere, not painted at all etc… You now how is that when you are 16 years old. After that, I swear to my self that the next models, I will build them, as they should be!

The current car I’m working on, you may see on the “Current Project” page under the “Workbench” menu.