The way I made a carpet for my Ford Thunderbird 1962

Tools you will need:
Synthetic leather
Paint (color suitable to leather) and glue

Cut a piece of leather a bit bigger then the surface you need.

Check again before you start removing all the unnecessary parts. Place the cabinet on the leather and mark the edges.


Step 1

Cat carefully with precise knife.


Step 2

Then place the leather on the cabinet and mark the places that have to go. You can allow to your self not to be precise, you can cat even a little more than you have to, you can fill the space left later.


Step 3

Paint the inside of the cabinet with the suitable color, in my case it was 22 Humbroll white.


Step 4

Check again before gluing the leather for fitting.


Step 5

Glue carefully the leather, be sure not to put to much glue it can eat the leather… I used the UHU glue… Lucky me I didn’t put much glue.


Step 6

Finally paint again the edges without thinner, leave the paint dense and fill the gaps.