1962 Ford Thunderbird 1/25 by AMT/ERTL

This is Ford Thunderbird 1/24 made by EMT/ERTL. I started building this kit in the late September 2004 but then I went to the university and the
building stopped. Now I have a few days before the next semester starts so I decided to update the site with what I did then and what I do these

1962 Ford Thunderbird 1/25 by AMT/ERTL1962 Ford Thunderbird 1/25 by AMT/ERTL

Here a photo I took in September, the primary engine parts before the first assembly.


Now a few days ago all my exams are finished and I started to glue things up, I decided to make the engine bay as real as I can, I read the latest
issue of the Scale Auto magazine where was a whole report on how to do this. Here you can see the wire from the starter and the distributor with
nine wires in!


I looked for pictures on the net to see how to paint the chassis but didn’t came with good results, all I found was a red 1957 Ford T-Bird with
chassis painted mainly in… red, the color of the body, so I decided to paint my chassis the same color I’m gonna paint my kit body, Humbroll
metal pink (51)… The first layer looks like this:


This is my new progress… Painted the seats, nice seat belts I think… Soon I’ll glue the door panels and the instrument panel.